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As A Child Prince William Called The Queen By A Very Different Name And She Did Not Mind One Bit

December 12, 2017

Children come up with all sort of various names to call their grandmothers. Sometimes, the parents choose what their children should call Grandma. Other times, Grandma picks the name that she wants. It is always the sweetest, though, when the kids come up with something, and it just sticks.

It seems that it is no different with royalty. Richard Kay wrote an article for Daily Mail that reveals that, as a small child, Prince William took a tumble and called out "Gary, Gary!" When asked who Gary was, the Queen scooped up the young prince and declared that she was indeed the Gary he wanted. According to Kay, Her Royal Majesty then explained that William had not yet mastered the name "Granny" yet.

Now, that Prince William has children of his own, The Queen has been given a new pet name. The Duchess of Cambridge revealed in an interview that Prince George fondly calls his Great-Grandmother, 'Gan-Gan.' However, this is not just a made up term. According to many reports, this is what the Royal family has called their Great-Grandmothers for several generations.

How fun that even Her Royal Majesty has a fun name from the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who adore her so! Most of us don't have a queen for a grandmother, but that doesn't mean that we should not treat them all like royalty, and that includes fun nicknames! Do you have a unique name that you call your grandma?

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