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As Brave Divers Entered The Water, They Could Never Have Prepared Themselves For The Monstrous Animal They Encountered Deep Below The Ocean’s Surface

March 16, 2018

The ocean is a magical, intriguing, and terrifying beast. The waters are teeming with life, ranging from microscopic organisms to enormous creatures. For this reason, many enjoy diving deep below the ocean’s surface in an attempt to get a closer look at these beautiful animals and the world in which they live.

Michael Maier is a diving enthusiast and often documents his dives. The footage he’s captured over the years is nothing short of incredible. On One dive off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, he encountered an animal that was the largest of its kind he’d ever seen.

After the dive, he revealed his footage to experts. They, too, were in awe of the creature’s magnitude and believed it to be one of the largest of its kind ever captured on camera. This animal was a great white shark.

The shark, now known as Deep Blue, was thought to be seven meters in length. Could you imagine being near a shark of that size? Surprisingly enough, when Maier and his team dropped down into the dwarf cage, Deep Blue reacted quite differently than they anticipated. She was a very curious shark and had no intention of harming the divers. She appeared to be more like an inquisitive pup than a gruesome shark.

“She was very calm and not at all nervous and was circling us. She was very interested and was looking at us. During the circles, we realized just how big she was. She must have been something like seven meters long. Everything was very well prepared. The whole team felt safe,” Maier recollected.

It’s situations like this that solidify the old saying, “You can’t always judge a book by its cover.” While, more often than not, great white sharks are quite aggressive animals, Deep Blue has proven that some just want to be friendly to their neighbors. Check out the magnificent footage recorded in the video below.


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