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As Princess Charlotte Turns 3, Kate And William Disappoint Millions With This Surprising Decision About Their Little Girl

May 03, 2018

Monday, April 23rd was a big day for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they welcomed their third child and second son, Prince Louis into the fold. Kate amazed people all around the globe with the speed in which she bounced back to her usual self, appearing on the steps of The Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, Westminster a mere seven hours after delivering her son.

Not only was she present and smiling, but she looked absolutely stunning: face glowing, hair and make up perfect, and strolling down the five steps in high heels! Granted, much of it was put together for the benefit of the public as we have grown accustomed to seeing the Duchess looking beautiful, regardless of what she feels like inside.

And all new mothers know about the euphoria that hits immediately after giving birth, an adrenaline rush that comes from having accomplished such a marvelous feat as bringing a new human into the world. A few hours later, however, everything changes.

Having likely missed a night’s sleep due to labor, the new mother gets blind-sided by that bolt of lightning known as crippling fatigue. It hits like a ton of bricks and sticks around like an unwelcome guest for the next several months.

And just when the new mum is completely exhausted and ready to get some much-needed rest, the little darling lays out his agenda - which includes waking every two hours to eat.

So what does a new mum do when, just nine days later, your one and only daughter has a birthday? To my way of thinking, she can be excused if she lets a few details slip by the wayside and allows the joyous celebration to take a more low-key tone.

But if you are the Duchess of Cambridge and have set a precedent of releasing brand new photos of each child (photographed by Kate, herself) as part of each annual observance, there are certain expectations that arose when Princess Charlotte’s third birthday on May 2nd rolled around.

So, when the public was denied the eagerly-awaited annual birthday pictures of the now three-year-old Princess Charlotte, many were disappointed at the perceived slight of the “middle child.”

Hello Magazine reports, “The reason for this is likely rooted in William and Kate's determination not to overexpose their children at such a young age, with special consideration given to the fact that this is such a busy year for the royal family, and therefore the little Cambridges.

“William and Kate go to great lengths to secure privacy for their children, and the annual release of birthday photographs has been a clever way to satiate the public's desire to see the young royals as they grow up.

“However, given that George and Charlotte made a very rare public appearance just last week, as they arrived at the Lindo Wing to meet new baby brother Prince Louis, the need to release a new birthday image of Charlotte this year has been somewhat negated.

“What's more, it's highly likely we will soon be treated to a new family photo to celebrate the birth of Prince Louis – with George and Charlotte almost certain to feature.

"To celebrate Charlotte's arrival in May 2015, William and Kate shared a series of photos taken by the Duchess herself, showing George cradling his new baby sister – and the first family photos of Prince Louis are likely to follow a similar pattern.”

With all that being said, I guess we can live with those reasonable explanations. We have to admit that the pics of Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the afternoon of baby brother Prince Louis’ birth were absolutely charming.

We relished each and every one of them, especially those of sweet Charlotte waving like a true Royal, and big brother George wrapping a protective arm around little sis as they crossed the threshold of The Lindo Wing.

Now, let’s hope the Palace comes through with the promise of a family portrait just as soon as possible. Until then, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves by perusing all the lovely snaps that the family has already been so gracious to share with us. And they really are marvelous, don't you agree??

For example, these lovely photographs were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself, on Charlotte's first day of preschool in January. Just watch the video, below, for a wonderful treat!


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