As Soon As The Music Starts To Play, This Utterly Adorable Kitten Knows Exactly What To Do

August 29, 2017

Music has a way of infiltrating our souls. The beat, the rhythm, and the tune all work together in perfect harmony to create a beautiful masterpiece, touching us to our very core. People, young and old, enjoy listening to music of all kinds. More often than not, you’ll catch someone tapping their shoe along to a catchy beat or even swaying to the tune.

Animals have a tendency to enjoy music just as much as humans. They, too, can sense the joy that the rhythm and sound offer. An incredibly adorable little kitten named Winnie would heavily agree with that statement. This fluffy little girl loves to listen to music and her favorite genre is pop. While she enjoys any pop song played, she does have one song that she tends to favor a little more than the rest.

Whenever she hears “Uptown Funk”, she can’t help but break out into a dance. Her moves look as if they’ve been choreographed exactly to the beat of the song. She bobs her head, waves her paw, and bounces in perfect unison with the tune. After watching her, I must say I’m a little jealous of her coordinated dance skills! Check out the video below to watch little Winnie dance up a jig.

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