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As The Ocean Burst To Life Near Their Boat, Fishermen Were Shocked When They Realized What Was Happening

March 01, 2018

When a group of fishermen from New South Wales, Australia, set out on their small boat one chilly winter day, they were hoping they’d be able to catch some wonderful fish. Perhaps if they were lucky, they’d be able to bring back a huge catch, but no matter what, they were guaranteed to enjoy their day spent out on the open ocean.

As they relaxed in the sunlight on the boat, waiting to catch something on their fishing lines, the tranquility was broken by the splashing of something in the water. As they watched, their curiosity arose as a mass of animals began to break the ocean’s surface. Was it a large school of fish come to take their bait?

As the animals approached, they realized that they were coming face to face with a huge pod of dolphins! They were racing through the ocean and didn’t even stop to check out the boat as they sped past it. The pod was gone just as suddenly as it arrived, disappearing back into the ocean on their travels, and the men were left with a story to tell, and a stunning video to share with everyone.