As This Man Restored An Abandoned Church, His Cancer Went Into Remission

August 02, 2017

Cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses that a person can receive, particularly stage four cancer that has spread to your head and neck. When 57 year old Greg Thomas received his diagnosis, doctors told him they should start planning his funeral because he would only live a few more months.

Greg was let go from his job, and in order to help himself focus and relax he would go on long walks through the countryside with his dog at his side. On one walk, he came across an old abandoned church. The church was falling apart and was extremely run down, but Greg took a seat on the old steps. Greg began to break down, crying and praying to God for a miracle.

Greg tried to look inside but found the doors to be locked, until he asked the house next door. He was directed to the church’s treasurer. The church was built 150 years ago by Czech settlers, and had been been host to no congregation for over 100 years. Greg began work to restore the old church. He worked hard to peel off the 15 layers of paint covering the building and repainted the old church. As Greg restored the church, his cancer went into remission. 

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