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8 YO American Boy Attacked By Shark While Vacationing In The Bahamas With His Family

November 29, 2018

Please note that this story contains graphic images. 

When the Jones Family went on a vacation to the Bahamas, they were thrilled to take advantage of being surrounded by crystal clear water. As a family of four living in the land-locked state of Utah, they were eager to explore all that the Bahamas had to offer.

Once they arrived in the Bahamas, it didn’t take long for the Jones Family to make their way to the water. One of the first excursions that the Jones Family was excited most for was swimming with nurse sharks. Jeremy and his wife, Christine, had brought their two children, Asher, 8, and Avery, 6, along with them.

At first, Jeremy and Christine were not planning on having their children be in the water with the nurse sharks, but after hearing from the staff that the nurse sharks were not a threat, they thought it might be a memorable experience for their children. The staff warned the visitors that the nurse sharks would swim around their bodies but not to be worried because they are considered to be non-aggressive scavenger fish.

Both Avery and Asher were so excited to swim with the sharks. The Jones Family spent several minutes in the water being surrounded unharmed by the sharks until one of the sharks began charging little Asher.

Asher was staring down into the water when all of a sudden he felt something dig into his back. At first, he thought it father messing around with him, but then he felt the digging rip into his skin. He immediately began screaming.

Jeremy saw the shark take a bite into his son’s back and immediately ripped the shark away. Asher screamed at the top of his lungs and immediately reached for his father.

Blood surfaced from Asher’s back and it was clear that the shark had gotten a clear bite of the little boy. Thankfully, a team of medical experts were along on the excursion and were able to help Asher’s parents dress his wound.

Asher’s mother remembers the moment the shark sank his teeth into her son with horror. She shared, “I heard Asher scream – and not just any scream, the kind of scream that makes a mum's world go into slow motion. Just thinking about his scream makes me feel sick and makes my heart rate go up. My husband, Jeremy, not only heard Asher scream, but saw the shark go after him and quickly sprung into action, grabbing the shark.” Christine has shared that she's since had terrible nightmares about what could have happened to her son, had her husband not beens so quick to act. Thank God he was there.

The shark managed to bite Asher along the spine of his scapular. Thankfully, the shark’s teeth didn’t sink deeply into Asher’s back and he wasn’t pulled under. Christine thanks her husband for pulling the shark off of her son and believes that he saved him from being pulled down further into the water.

At first, Asher was terrified, but now once he was cleaned up by the medical professionals, he was totally fine! His mom was astounded with how he responded and shared that he wanted to get back in the water again. Sounds like quite a strong little boy, doesn’t it!

We are so happy Asher is ok! What would you do if this was your child? I know one thing, I have no desire to swim with sharks! Is it something you would do?

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