Aslan And Gumbo Are Living The Life That Every Dog Wishes For, Camping On The Weekends And Mentoring Guide Dog Pups

November 10, 2017

Gumbo and Aslan are a gorgeous Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever who live with their adoring family, where they travel the Pacific Northwest. These amazing pups love to go camping, and nothing makes them happier than getting out of the city! They love the feel of the mud beneath their paws as they race along mountain trails.

Gumbo and Aslan are two amazingly sweet and playful pups, who have amazing temperaments. They’re so great that they help their owner raise future guide dog puppies. They provide a superb role model for the puppy, and they help him learn how to behave in all sorts of situations!

They love to go camping, and they are masters of it! They even carry their backpacks full of supplies down the trail and aren’t afraid to get dirty. They love to smell the forest air and feel the breeze rustling their fur on the trail, as they leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind.

Gumbo, the red Golden Retrievers, absolutely loves to dress up in every bandana he can get his paws on! Of course, his favorite of all is his red plaid one with denim trim. When he’s not dressing up, he loves to get his feet wet and swim anywhere and everywhere he can - no matter how cold it is!

Aslan, the yellow Labrador Retriever, loves to play fetch! He’s never met a toy he didn’t want you to throw for him. His favorite thing of all though is a tennis ball! Aslan would happily race to the moon and back for a green tennis ball, thrown as far as you can.

Gumbo and Aslan are living the greatest lives any dog could wish for. Between the long hikes and the weekend camping trips, these dogs get the amazing opportunity to take advantage of all the wild outdoors has to offer. They also get all the perks that city dogs have - from the amazing treats to the vast variety of city smells!

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