Assisted Living Residents Are Told To Wait For A Surprise. When They Meet The Cuddly Treats They Are Simply Overjoyed

September 05, 2017

As people age, they often become unable to care for themselves. Many become forgetful, making it potentially dangerous to live alone. Another problem the elderly face is loneliness. Because it is difficult for them to leave the house, they miss out on the opportunity to visit their friends or even take a simple excursion to the grocery store. Assisted living homes can help solve both of these problems.

While many assisted living facilities offer enrichment activities such as exercise, craft opportunities, and game nights, there is one thing that many people miss; and that is their pets. Pets bring people joy and comfort! One assisted living facility teamed up with Buzzfeed and Rachael Ray to bring a surprise to their residents!

The residents are gathered and told there will be a surprise at 9:00 am. They eagerly await, wondering what the promised activity could be? The look of sheer joy and surprise takes over the resident's faces when they spot what is brought into the room. The treat they were waiting for is therapy cats! Cats have such a positive impact on our lives! Being around a cat can bring down anxiety and blood pressure, and is usually pretty entertaining too. Cats are definitely therapeutic!  

Watch how these assisted living residents react to their feline surprise. I think you will agree that cats add more joy, to our ordinary lives, than we may realize.

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