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At-Home Video Of New Dad Pretending He’s A Bull And His Little One Is A Bull Rider - The Footage Will Melt Your Heart

December 06, 2017

Someone wise once said, “Boys will be boys.” Perhaps that ‘someone’ was the mother and wife of the two rowdy characters in the next story!

When a former bull rider became a dad, he was thrilled to welcome a sweet and gentle baby boy into his life. Having lived a wild lifestyle before he and his wife started their family, he was thrilled by the gentleness of a baby, and he couldn’t have been more excited for a new little one.

In the days prior to the delivery date and arrival of their little miracle, the dad continued working a very dangerous job as a professional bull rider. Each day, he was getting bucked into the air and flopped on the ground - more times than he cared to admit.

Dad was ready to take a break from the labor-intensive work, and even though he knew he was getting beaten up every time he worked, he simply loved what he was doing. You see, he grew up on a farm. He loved animals and he loved riding them. To him, he wasn’t just getting himself tossed around every day, he was also connecting with the animals that reminded him of his childhood.

Finally, the big day came and, just like that, he was a daddy to a healthy and strong baby boy! His wife was so eager to see her two special boys together. Her heart melted as her strong professional bull-rider husband held his son for the very first time.

The baby boy was covered with kisses and hugs and so very loved by his parents. They were raising him to be a strong boy that loved big! They enjoyed all of the little stages of his early life, but the dad really became excited for when his son would grow a little older.

One day, when his son was about two-and-a-half years old, the former bull-riding dad became nostalgic and longed for his bull-riding days. That’s when he got the bright idea to play pretend with his little son!

The excited dad made a gate out of wood palettes and placed himself in the gate. He sat on all fours (mimicking a bull) while his son climbed on top of him, holding on tightly to his belt. And then, with full anticipation, the gate swung open and the dad jumped around as if he were the bull! Complete with his cowboy hat and cowbell, the son was wearing a big ‘ole smile on his face as he held on to his daddy!

The mom simply watched with pride as her little one and husband were bonding over her husband’s first love. Truly, it was a precious and utterly adorable moment! As she watched her two favorite guys be silly together, she couldn't help but think, "Boys will be boys." Check out the video, below, to watch the at-home footage!

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