At Meghan Markle’s Secret Baptism, Three Crucial Family Members Were Nowhere To Be Seen, Causing Quite A Stir In The Royal Household

March 09, 2018

When Meghan Markle said “yes!” to her Prince Charming, her life as she knew it forever was changed. Not only will she be transitioning from a Miss to Mrs., but she also has a lot to learn about what it takes to be a member of the British royal family.

With the wedding coming in just a few short months, there is a great deal to do. There’s the wedding to plan, the dress to select, the venue to choose. That’s just a minute piece to the puzzle, though. She has to phase out life as an American and adjust to the British culture.

One thing on the list of to-do’s before saying “I do” was to be baptized into the Church of England. Religion is a vital part of the Royal family’s life, and this was an imperative part of the process. On March 6, she checked that item off the list.

She was baptized by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Chapel Royal in a private ceremony. For an event of this caliber, vital family members gather round. Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall were in attendance, along with her fiance, Prince Harry.

Something that has shocked everyone is who failed to attend this secret ceremony. Those who were nowhere to be seen were Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge, and Queen Elizabeth. These three family members are people that would have been of great support during such a sacred moment. Where were they? Was it due to travel or due to lack of desire?

No matter the reason, the bride-to-be is pressing on with her duties and is well on her way to officially becoming the next member of the Royal family.

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