Atchoum Has A Rare Disorder That Has Everyone Wondering Whether He Is A Werewolf Or A Cat

November 15, 2017

He was just a small hairy Persian kitten, and when I say hairy, I mean hair for days! The kitten was meant as a gift to a veterinarian, but Nathalie, who works as a groomer for the vet, took the kitten home for the weekend and he completely stole her heart. Of course, the vet said she could adopt the little furball.

A short time later they discovered that the kitten, now named Atchoum, has a very rare congenital condition called hypertrichosis (also known as werewolf syndrome), which explains the massive amounts of hair.

The hormonal condition causes fast and continuous hair growth, his claws to be thicker and grow faster than average and gave him tiny teeth. Atchoum is the only known cat to have this odd disorder.

Luckily, for Atchoum his mama is a groomer and ensures his long dog-like hairs around his face are just long enough to add to his cuteness, but not bother him or get in his way of exploring. Atchoum is a playful kitty that loves to wake up his household early in the morning by shaking the shower door! He loves water and ice cubes too!

Persians are beautiful felines, and Atchoum is no different. Even though, he may resemble a cat-wolf; he is sure an adorable one! Yay for being unique and yay for Atchoum! All cats are purr-fect in their own way!

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