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Athletic Boy Loses His Leg At Young Age. The Way He Excels In An 'Impossible' Sport Inspires Everyone Who Meets Him

October 19, 2017

Sometimes, life deals us a difficult hand. When this happens, we can either give up, or we can adapt and conquer. A young man named Kyle decided to do the latter option, showing us exactly what it looks like to move the mountains that stand in our way.

At the ripe old age of five, Kyle developed a rare disease that caused him unendurable pain. Because of this, Kyle's left leg had to be amputated. Little Kyle had to learn how to live with one leg, which he did and he did it extremely well.

Kyle kept his sense of humor as he grew up. He loves telling people that he lost his leg due to a shark biting it off. People aren't sure whether to laugh or be concerned, but Kyle takes it in stride and loves having fun with anyone he meets.

When it came time to fit Kyle for a prosthetic, the young man decided that a normal flesh-colored prosthetic just would not do. That would be just too boring for a fun-loving kid like Kyle. Kyle decided his new leg needed flames, the logos of his favorite bands, and an inspirational quote that reads, "All Limitations Are Self-Imposed."

Kyle loves playing the sport of water polo. What most people view as impossible for an amputee, Kyle sees as just another day at the office, so to speak. Kyle not only excels at his favorite sport, but he is also the captain of his team. Nothing can stop Kyle from doing the things that he loves.

Kyle is a shining light, not only to his family and friends but to his entire school and even to perfect strangers. Kyle is normally seen at pep rallies, waving his prosthetic leg around in the air, and pumping people up with his infectious energy. Needless to say, Kyle is a superhero without a cape and his future is bright. No matter what he wants to do in life, he will succeed! Watch the video, below, to see Kyle and his story for yourself.

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