Australian Man Holds Baby Tasmanian Devil In His Hands, Then He Puts Him On The Ground And He Can't Believe His Eye

July 21, 2017


Marley is a 5 1/2-month-old Tasmanian Devil. Not only is she outrageously cute, but she needs to be hand fed. Tim Faulkner from Devil Ark has taken on the responsibility and loves every moment of it. It's not too often you see cuteness incarnate, but believe me when I say that when you watch the video, you will agree! 

According to Devil Ark's Facebook page, they are "the largest conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian Devil on mainland Australia" and provides the perfect place for them to grow big and strong! Little guys like this devil don't have to worry about mean predators because they are safe and sound in a place made just for them. 


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