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Ava Was On Death’s Door When She Was Saved By A Kind Person. Thanks To The Dedication Of One Woman, She’s Overcome It All

November 15, 2017

Ava is a gorgeous tan and white Husky mix with the most breathtaking glacier blue eyes surrounded by magnificent black eyeliner type markings! Ava lives with her adoring momma and her adopted older brother, Wesley, a lab mix! Ava loves to spend her days roughhousing with Wesley, racing through the yard after a ball and getting all muddy. She’s never a fan of the baths that follow though!

Ava is living the dream nowadays, but the start of her life was nothing but a nightmare. Ava was born as the result of an accident; her litter never intended to be born. When she was old enough, her mother’s owner sold Ava to a person she didn’t look into at all, only seeing the money they had in hand.

Ava’s owner was a drug dealer, and life looked bleak for her future. She was fed just enough to get by, and she didn’t receive the love, and attention a dog as friendly as her deserved. Luckily, she didn’t have to suffer long at the hands of the abuser, and she was saved by a good Samaritan before she was even four months old.

After Ava was saved, she was brought directly to Tampa Bay Vet Emergency Services, where she had to stay for two weeks. Her tail was burned horribly, although no one can quite agree on how it happened, it was left without care for a long time. She was suffering from worms, coccidia, and dehydration that was putting her closer and closer to death’s door every day.

As if everything she was suffering wasn’t enough, she also came down with Parvo. Her abusers had never taken the time to get her the veterinary care she needed, including her shots. Parvo can be horrible enough that it will kill even the healthiest of puppies, so things did not look good for her. Ava is a fighter though, and even when things looked extremely dark for her, she never gave up.

Ava healed up quickly and was soon able to go on to a foster home. It didn’t take long at all for Ava to win a forever family’s heart over with her rambunctious attitude! Nowadays, Ava spends her free days playing with Wesley and getting herself into all sorts of trouble. This amazing dog has never let her past hold her back, and she’s growing into a brave and magnificent dog with a bright future ahead of her.

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