Baby Begins To Completely Melt As Soon As Parents Start To Sing A Jaw-Dropping A Cappella Duet In The Car

September 07, 2017

Babies are the absolute light of our lives. At such a young, vulnerable age, they soak in every ounce of attention they receive. Quality time is their ultimate love language; it helps them, not only emotionally, but also developmentally. They love soft, sweet, endearing voices, particularly in the form of singing.

One day, a lovely couple decides to take a little break in their daily routine. While sitting in their parked car, they turn on the camera and that’s when the magic begins. The mother begins to softly sing the lyrics of “One Day” by Matisyahu. The moment she starts, her adorably chubby little baby begins to grin. The father soon joins in, perfectly harmonizing with the mother.

This excites the little one even more, and a large, joyous smile breaks across his face! Their a cappella rendition of the song is extraordinary, and perfectly showcases their beautiful vocal range. The little one sits completely mesmerized through the entirety of the song. Precious is an understatement! It’s moments like this that make you appreciate the little things in life, and stand as reminders of how valuable time spent as a family can truly be. Check out the video, below, to watch the sweet scene!

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