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Baby Born 4 Months Premature Had The Odds Stacked Against Him. Everything Changed With One Note From A Stranger! [VIDEO]

April 07, 2017

After becoming a dad, my whole world changed. Life was no longer about my wife and I. We had brought a new life into the world and she was our greatest joy and treasure. When my daughter was born, she had some things in common with another little baby named Francis William.

Francis and my daughter were both born premature and they both had to spend some time in the NICU. There were some major differences between the two babies, however. While my daughter was born at a healthy weight, Francis was born at one pound and nine ounces. And while my daughter was probably the healthiest baby on the NICU floor, Francis was by far the sickest on his floor.

Needless to say, Francis was born into a world where all the odds were stacked against him. If you have ever been in the NICU, you know how Francis' parents felt. The odds said to give up but Jeffrey and Maureen refused to quit on their tiny baby. Maureen said, "We could either do everything or we could do nothing."

Even when the doctors gave Francis a 15% chance of survival, his parents decided to do everything they could to help their new son fight. And so the journey to save Francis' life began. The doctors admired the courage of Francis' parents and reassured them that they would do all they could to make sure the little fighter lived.

Some days were obviously better than others. There were days when Jeffrey and Maureen were pillars of determination and fearlessness and other days where they could not hold back their tears. The tests that the doctors ran on Francis did not look good, but the entire hospital staff rallied around Jeffrey and Maureen to give them encouragement and boost their spirits.

One of the nurses decided it would be a good idea to brighten up the room that the family was staying in. The nurse gave the family some markers and told them to draw something bright, colorful, and encouraging on Francis' whiteboard. Maureen's sister decided to draw a "Finding Nemo" theme on the board, which made everyone smile.

Francis' situation did not improve much, so Maureen asked everyone to pray harder than ever. The prayers and letters for Francis came pouring in and the family was filled with more hope than ever. The family had no idea that the Finding Nemo theme they had drawn on the whiteboard would have a much deeper meaning in the days to come, thanks to one stranger's meaningful letter. The video on the next page will leave you smiling when you see Francis' amazing journey. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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