Baby Boy Needs Help Eating His Dinner When Family Dog Comes In, His Reaction Seconds Later Leaves His Parents Rolling

September 01, 2017

Every parent on the planet has to come up with a plan to get their children to eat at dinnertime. It's not that kids don't want to eat, it's just that there are so many other fun things that they could be doing instead. As parents, we have to resort to some rather unusual solutions, at times, in order for our kids to eat the food we put in front of them. Luckily, for the parents in this story, they have a secret weapon that keeps their son entertained while they get him the nutrition he needs.

It is dinnertime and two parents are struggling to get their infant son to touch his dinner. The boy is more than ready to get out of his highchair and explore, but his parents have to keep him there a bit longer because he has taken only a bite or two of food. No matter what the parents try, the little boy is just frustrated with the whole notion of dinnertime. Suddenly, the dad gets an idea. He calls the family dog into the living room to join them and, within moments, the dog sets himself right in front of the infant. This is when the hysterical interaction begins.

The parents throw food up in the air and the dog jumps up and catches the bites in his mouth. The little boy immediately bursts out laughing. Again and again, the air is filled with adorable laughter as the boy watches the dog eat his dinner in hysterical fashion. After they get their boy in a good mood, the parents have no issue getting him to finish his dinner. I guess dogs are even more useful than we realize! Watch the video, below, to laugh your head off with the little boy and his dog.

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