Baby Can't Contain His Laughter When His Mom Fails To Open Coconut, His Response Had Me In Stitches

July 26, 2017

Since becoming a father, there are few things that melt my heart more than hearing my daughter laugh. Whether I am the one responsible for the giggles or she simply finds something around her to be the funniest thing ever, there is nothing so sweet as a baby's laughter. The mom in this story would agree whole heartedly because her son has one of the most adorable laughs you will ever hear.

Sixten, an adorable baby boy, was sitting in his high chair one afternoon, minding his own business, when his mother entered the kitchen with a strange object. It was a coconut. Sixten had never seen a coconut before so he was curious to see what his mom would do with it. Sixten's mom prepared to crack the coconut open but she was not prepared for what happened next.

Whether Sixten's mom was trying to smash the coconut with a hammer or hitting it on the counter we may never know. What we do know is that Sixten's mom failed at opening the coconut several times and Sixten found it hysterical. Every time his mom had another go at the coconut Sixten burst out in side splitting giggles. His mom may never have gotten the coconut open but at least she got some adorable laughs out of the ordeal. Watch the video below and try not to laugh right along with Sixten.

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