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WATCH: Momma And Babe Crack Each Other Up After Something Completely Unexpected Happens - Get Ready For Your Daily Dose Of 'Adorable'

September 14, 2018

Babies are, undeniably, the most gratifying audiences in the world. Even the most simple, mundane act can send them into peals of laughter. In this video, a Mom is calmly feeding lunch to her baby; nothing unusual about that. If you are a parent or have been around kids, however, you know that peace and quiet can be interrupted with almost any tiny occurrence.

For this sweet pair, everything changes in an instant. This tranquil scene is suddenly transformed into an uproarious one-woman comedy show - the mom, the impromptu performer, and her baby the adoring audience!

The duo is performing their usual mom-baby feeding routine when an annoying strand of hair falls in front of the mom’s face. Not wanting to have to put down the baby food jar and the spoon, she comes up with an ingenious way to get the hair out of the way without using her hands.

Completely unaware that she is about to send her daughter into hysterics, she casually blows a puff of air at the piece of hair.

This simple act of necessity catches her baby by complete surprise. Thinking her Momma is performing this act simply for her viewing pleasure, she responds with a very gratifying belly-laugh. Now that Momma realizes that she has tickled her daughter’s funny bone, she gives her captive audience an encore.

Again and again, she puffs away at the little strand. Again and again, the adorable infant reacts with sheer delight. It seems as though this little darling will never tire of this interchange, and I suspect that the performance goes on, well beyond the end of the video.

I could watch this over and over, without ever getting tired of it!

Click on the video, below, and get ready for your daily dose of baby hilarity. It won’t be too long before you are joining this mom and babe in uproarious laughter.