Baby Donkey Survives Horrific Attack, Her Recovery Will Make You Cry

July 28, 2017


A mother’s love knows no bounds regardless of the species or location. One donkey in India was determined to save the life of her foal no matter what it took. Her foal had been viciously attacked by wild animals, and had a dozen bite wounds on her. Knowing that there was nothing she could do by herself, she loudly brayed and cried out for help.


A local woman heard the desperate cries of the mother and knew she had to help. While local villagers tried applying turmeric to the wounds to help stop bleeding, she was advised to call Animal Aid India. Animal Aid quickly jumped into action to try to save this young foal’s life. The mother watched calmly, as if knowing that they were here to help.

Animal Aid loaded the young foal whom they decided to call Genevieve into their emergency transport van, and the mother began to stress and worry they were taking her baby. She fought valiantly until she realized they were bringing her along too, at which point she let them load her up too with her daughter. Genevieve received great care, and after her wounds were dressed and cleaned, she began to heal.


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