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Baby Duck Trapped Inside His Shell Uses Dying Breath To Make A Peep - And It Makes All The Difference

February 19, 2018

At an animal park one day, a sweet duckling was about to enter the world. But something went wrong. Instead of having his mother there to help him, he found himself all alone and, to make matters worse, he was stuck inside his shell, unable to finish the job of hatching out. Completely exhausted from his futile exertion, Goose was running out of strength. No way would he ever be able to crack open the sturdy eggshell now; he was simply too pooped to go on.

Chirping furtively from the far corner of the animal park, little did Goose know that he was about to experience a miracle. As weak and pitiful as his ‘peeps’ were, they were loud enough to capture the attention of a passerby. Following the distressing sound, the concerned woman was shocked at what she discovered. There, on the ground, was a single duck egg with a tiny hole in its side. Peeking out of the opening was the bill of a very weak duckling.

Looking all around for the mother duck, she was saddened to realize that no one was there with the little fellow. Without wasting any more time she took the egg home. She had a difficult decision to make. Everyone knows that you are not supposed to help a bird hatch from its egg; the process is important for developing the necessary strength for living. But the woman also knew that, if she did not intervene, there would be no ‘living’ for this duck at all.

She helped the duckling find his way out of his confines and, just as she had feared, he was extremely weak when he came out. She was afraid that she had been too late and that the poor little thing would not make it through the night. Nevertheless, she was still determined to do everything within her power to give Goose a fighting chance to survive.

She borrowed a heat lamp from a friend and set it up so Goose could warm his feathers from his traumatic birth. She also provided food and water just in case he felt up to eating something. As she said a tearful goodnight to him, she never expected what she discovered the next morning!

There was Goose, up and at ‘em, waddling around as if he hadn’t a care in the world! Had someone come in during the night and switched ducklings?? Nope! Goose was heartier than anyone could have imagined and he was ready to take on this thing called life.

Soon Goose was strong enough to socialize. He became best friends with the family dog. It was obviously a mutual admiration society from there on out; the dog loved to lick the duckling, and Goose would chase the dog and peck at him constantly. The dog must have thought it was all fun and games because he never tried to retaliate or hurt his feathered friend in any way, shape, or form.

As time went on, Goose grew into a beautiful, strong, and healthy duck. His friendship with his canine buddy never wavered, although the dog was starting to dodge those playful pecks his feathered friend was so fond of giving him.

With his new wonderful life, Goose certainly hit the jackpot. Never again would he have to worry about being alone and afraid. If his canine pal had anything to say about it, the two of them would be side-by-side forever!

To learn more about Goose’s incredible journey from near-death to heaven-on-earth, watch the adorable video, below.

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