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Baby Elephant Orphaned And Alone After Mother Dies. Months Later, He's Rescued And Greeted By A Herd Of His Own And The Homecoming Is Truly Heartwarming

August 14, 2017

In Northern Thailand, a young elephant named Dok Geaw has had a very rough life for being so young - less than two years old to be specific. Dok Geaw was born to a logging elephant, and she suffered a prolapsed uterus after his birth. She was not given the time she needed to heal after his birth, and she began to grow very sick and weak following his birth.

When her owner finally got her out of the jungle and to the elephant hospital in Lampang, it was too late to save her. They did their best to save her, but she did end up passing away soon after their arrival at the hospital. Dok Geaw was left at the hospital as an orphan. Orphaned elephants can be very hard to raise and can often die.

Although Dok Geaw’s mother passing away was a horrible thing, it was a blessing in disguise. Had his mother lived, Dok Geaw would have become the next generation of elephant loggers and he would have spent his life the same way his mother had - working long hours doing very difficult work until he died.

When Dok Geaw was one year and nine months old, the decision was made to move him from the hospital where he had spent almost his entire life, to the Elphant Nature Park so he could have a better life. The ride was long and hectic, but Dok Geaw handled it like a pro!

When Dok Geaw arrived and was allowed into his temporary pen for the first time, he began to trumpet and the vibrations were easily felt by other elephants in the park. When a herd at the reserve heard his rumbles, they raced to greet him. The herd of five adult elephants and two babies were so interested in the young baby they couldn’t wait.

The herd all began to reach through the slats on the fence and feel for the young elephant, offering the young one reassurance that everything was okay. They touched him all over his back and began to check out the new member very carefully.

Once rescuers are sure that Dok Geaw has been completely welcomed into the herd, he will be allowed outside of his temporary pen. Dok Geaw has a great life ahead of him at the reserve and the chance to belong to a herd where he can live as free as possible.

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