Baby Elephant Throws Adorable Tantrum To Get His Mom's Attention But Mom Isn't Having Any Of It

July 27, 2017

If you are a parent then you know what it is to love a child so fiercely that you would do anything for them. You also know that if you tell your child no or don't do things a certain way, they are susceptible to temper tantrums. Of course, the child thinks that their tantrum will help them get their way but most parents are quick to nip that theory in the bud. The little elephant in this story quickly learned that his temper tantrum wasn't going to get him very far.

We may never know exactly why the little guy was so upset but what we do know is that his hissy fit is one of the most entertaining things we've seen. The little elephant sat down on his rump and rocked himself back and forth. One elephant passed him and looked like he was going to stop but moved on quickly. The little elephant decided to go all out and threw himself down in the middle of the road and rolled this way and that way.

At long last, the elephant's mother approached and the little calf was sure he was about to get his way. The mother, however, walked right past him and ignored the tantrum altogether. Once the little elephant realized he had been snubbed and left alone in the middle of the road, he seemed to realize how ridiculous he looked and quickly ran to join his mother. We could all learn a thing or two about how to handle child tantrums from this elephant mom. Watch the video below to witness the cutest tantrum ever.

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