Baby Giant Anteater Needs Help Adjusting To Her New World. Then The Zoo Enlists The Help Of An Unlikely Candidate That Leaves Everyone Smiling

September 21, 2017

It is always a treat when you stumble upon an out-of-the-ordinary bundle of love like Beanie. Beanie is a baby giant anteater that is winning the hearts of everyone she meets. Shortly after her birth, it was discovered that Beanie's mother could not take care of her properly so it was up to the zookeepers to hand-rear her. In order to give Beanie the feeling of snuggling with her mother, the zookeepers decided to try an unconventional tactic that works in adorable fashion.

Beanie spends her days snuggled up with a gigantic teddy bear! The bear acts as a surrogate mother, of sorts, for the tiny anteater, and she is fed and taken care of by the zookeepers. Beanie is fed special milk every two-to-three hours and is under 24-hour surveillance to make sure she is healthy and safe.

Eventually she will be able to rejoin her mother in the zoo's enclosure but, for now, Beanie enjoys a temperature-controlled incubator to sleep in. Beanie loves interacting with everyone who comes to see her and, eventually, her physical size will match her big personality, because she will grow to be around seven-feet-long. Needless to say, this tiny anteater has stolen our hearts and we hope she does the same for you as you watch the video, below!

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