Baby Girl Born Only 2 Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. When Doctors See Her 9 Months Later, They Are Speechless

December 13, 2017

New life is a mystery to all. In just over nine months, an egg develops into a complex human being; breathing, seeing, and screaming, a newborn baby is truly a wondrous miracle.

When first-time mom-to-be, Victoria Bradley, found out she was expecting, she was over the moon. For her, a child was something that she had been praying for, earnestly, for years. Her prayer was finally being answered and she was thrilled. Victoria’s first trimester was normal; she experienced all the common symptoms of pregnancy and her ultrasounds showed no signs of concern. However, only 24 weeks into pregnancy, she knew something was not right.


Just days into her second trimester, Victoria found herself in the labor and delivery unit. She was terrified of delivering her baby so early (24 weeks is just barely passed the U.K. abortion period) but somehow, she still had a peace of mind, that her life and her baby’s life would be okay. Nurses and doctors, however, were not optimistic about her life.

At just 24-weeks, sweet baby Francesca was born at just under 2 pounds. It took the nurses over 11 minutes to get the baby girl to take her first regular breaths. Immediately, she was taken into the ICU where no one expected her to live. Francesca’s hands were just barely big enough to cover her mom’s fingertips, and her footprints shocked the world when they were shown alongside pennies. To see a baby so small was mind-blowing.

Day by day, though, Baby Francesca shocked the hospital staff and everyone who heard her story. At less than 27 weeks old, she fought off meningitis, collapsed lungs, and kidney failures. Before she was 30 weeks old, she’d had 15 blood transfusions and laser eye surgery. Truly, she was defying odds!

Now, at a year old, Baby Francesca is thriving and free of all medical assistance. She has astounded the hospital staff with her strength and now, doctors even claim that a miracle other than science had to have taken place. Her mom, Victoria, is so grateful for the staff that went above and beyond.

To see the incredible story of Francesca's life, check out the video, below. Truly, this is a miracle. We are so grateful for the doctors and nurses who sacrificed so much to carry Baby Francesca through the first few days of her life.

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