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Baby Panda is Eager to Escape His Crib, But Only One Thing Stands Between Him And Freedom… [VIDEO]

August 24, 2016


When you have a larger-than-life personality, it's hard to keep you boxed in. This adorable little panda understands that all too well!

At a panda breeding center in Chengdu, China, one little guy is a whole lot more rebellious than all the rest.

While his siblings are playing contently in their panda crib, the lone ranger has more important things on his mind!

Something has peeked his interest and he is bound and determined to make his great escape. Unfortunately, a nurse in the room is the only thing standing between him and freedom.

Will he be able to make it or will the nurse stand in the way of his escape?

Doesn't his behavior remind you of your kids and grandkids?