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Baby Penguin Loves To Socialize, When A Friend Rubs His Belly, His Ticklish Reaction Left The Internet Rolling

August 28, 2017

It is safe to say that the world is full of adorable animals that are just waiting to be cuddled, loved, and adored. From the cuddly dog you might see in your neighborhood to the adorable baby elephant that you see at the zoo, animals have a unique ability to melt our hearts in a way that nothing else can. So it is safe to say that when people meet a little penguin named Cookie every day, they get a cuteness overload that leaves them smiling for the rest of the week.

Cookie is, seemingly, the life of the party anywhere and everywhere he goes. He makes his way around the bird house at the Cincinnati Zoo on a daily basis, making sure he sees all of his favorite people. Cookie has to have a bandage changed on his right foot every day because of a condition known as bumblefoot. His little condition, however, doesn’t stop him from strutting his stuff around the zoo whenever he pleases. Cookie has become the mascot of the bird house because of his loving personality and, also, because of his ticklish tendency anytime someone touches his belly.

That’s right. Cookie is extremely ticklish, which is made evident in the video, below, when one zookeeper attempts to give Cookie a belly rub. Cookie immediately lets out the most adorable and hysterical noises I have ever heard. On top of that, his flippers go absolutely bonkers as if he cannot control himself at all. Cookie doesn’t seem to mind being tickled, though, and we sure are glad his friends caught the whole thing on tape. I for one can sympathize with Cookie because I may or may not have a ticklish tendency myself. I have a feeling Cookie and I would get along great! Watch the video below to see the adorable, ticklish encounter.

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