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Barbaric Chemical Attack In Syria Slaughters At Least 40, Including Children Who Reportedly 'Suffocated'

April 09, 2018

The United States is weighing possible responses to the barbaric gassing of innocent civilians in Syria that has, so far, resulted in at least 40 deaths, with some reports reaching as high as 150.


The treacherous attack came almost one year to the day of another chemical attack in April of 2017, when more 80 people were killed and hundreds more were injured.

And in 2013, hundreds were killed when a more deadly chemical, sarin nerve agent, was used to carry out another devastating attack. Under increasing pressure, the Syrian regime agreed to surrender their stockpile of chemical weapons in an agreement brokered by the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the deal omitted chlorine from the list of banned substances.

According to CBS News, while the exact chemical agent used in the most recent attack has not been confirmed, witnesses report a strong smell of chlorine on the survivors. Chlorine is thought to have been used regularly during Syria's seven-year-long civil war and can have devastating effects if used in this way.

President Trump and his advisors are said to be "studying the situation extremely closely and will be making some major decisions within the next 24-48 hours." Depending on what is determined by the investigation, it may mean an international response.


Time will tell how this latest tragedy in the Middle East will be handled, but one thing is clear, things are not getting better in that troubled region. Please pray for those afflicted by this atrocious attack, and their families.

To see unverified footage of the aftermath of this heinous act, watch the video, below.


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