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Barkley Was Tied To A Fence And Left To Die. His Fur Was So Matted He Could Hardly Walk. Now, He’s A Beloved Family Member

October 31, 2017

Barkley is an adorable Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who lives with his doting owner in Saskatchewan, Canada. He loves to play in the snow, and compete in barn hunt trials where he finds a rat hidden in a maze - don’t worry, the rat is completely safe and thinks it’s fun too! He is a beloved little pet who is living the good life, that’s for sure.

Sadly, the first few years of Barkley’s life were full of fear and neglect. While we may not ever know the full extent of everything this poor dog suffered, what we do know is enough to break our hearts. This sweet, playful dog who loves people and his family, was ignored and abused by those who were supposed to love and care for him.

At five years of age, Barkley was found tied to a fence and abandoned for dead. Barkley’s owner had neglected him, never brushing the sweet canine’s fur or giving him the care he desperately needed. By the time he was found, his fur was thickly-matted and pulling away at his skin, leaving him in severe pain. Have you ever had a too-tight ponytail or hair-do? The pain is similar to that, but all over his body, and it all could have been avoided if his owner had just brushed him out occasionally.

His coat was so matted, it was likely he hadn’t been brushed in years. Barkley’s fur was in such bad shape that they were left with no choice but to shave him down completely. It was a long process, requiring sedation so he wouldn’t be forced to endure more pain than he already had. It took several hours of hard work to remove the matting so that he could be free of the hot, heavy, painful matting he’d endured for so long.

After they shaved down Barkley, he became a completely different dog. When he was rescued, he was quiet and slow to move, but after his haircut, he became a happy and outgoing dog, glad to be free of the bonds of his matted fur. It wasn’t long before Barkley was adopted by a loving family - thanks to his fantastic personality.

Today, Barkley spends his free time lounging in the sunlight, riding on a pontoon with his family, and bounding through the heavy Canadian snow. He also loves to go on long hikes and camping trips with his family out in the woods and mountains where he can experience so many new sights and smells! In spite of all he endured, Barkley never lost his kind and playful spirit.

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