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Bear Cubs Are Absolutely Adorable. That’s Why We’ve Gathered The Top 10 Cutest Bear Cubs, Just For You

October 16, 2017

Bears are some of the most magnificent creatures on the planet, and they’ve been winning over hearts for decades! As humans encroach on their habitat, though, they’ve been forced into more and more confrontation with people and our houses, and it doesn’t typically end well for the bear. Thankfully, as awareness of the bear’s plight grows, more people are beginning to understand why these animals are so beloved.

Bears aren’t just large killing-machines, as so many believe. They, in fact, have some very complex behaviors. These animals are brilliant and caring mothers who will fight to the death for their cubs. Considering how cute their cubs are, is it really that much of a surprise? That’s why we’ve gathered these gorgeous photos of the Top Ten Cutest Bear Cubs!

1. This brave Black Bear cub who loves to climb as high as he can

2. These goofy Brown Bear cubs who love to wrestle!

3. This ocean-loving Black Bear who loves to eat the barnacles

4. This beautiful little Bear cub who loves to explore!

5. This high-climbing Black Bear who enjoys playing Peek-a-boo with photographers!

6. This little Grizzly Bear cub who just adores this log

7. This curious little Black Bear who loves to see what’s going on - from a safe distance of course!

8. This playful little Grizzly cub who loves to practice his surfing skills on his momma’s back!

9. This friendly little Black Bear who just wants to snuggle up after a long day of Beary Big Responsibilities

10. This adventurous little Grizzly Bear cub who is on a mission to check out the weird new people with cameras

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