Bear Rescued After 30 Years In Captivity, Months Later Rescuers Were Amazed By Her Transformation

August 02, 2017

The animal kingdom is home to many wondrous creatures of all shapes and sizes. From winged creatures like the eagle to furry giants like the bear, majestic creatures are everywhere. Some of these animals, however, are not given the opportunity to thrive as they should because they are held in abusive captivity. Such was the case with a bear named Fifi who needed rescuers to give her a fresh start in life.

Fifi was captured as a cub and taken to a zoo in Pensylvania. From the time she was brought to the zoo, she was mistreated and abused. Forced to do difficult tricks that left her confused and hurt, Fifi spent ten years behind bars, used for entertainment purposes. After ten years, Fifi was forced to live in a small cage, on a concrete slab. For 20 years Fifi was underfed and left alone for days at a time. Because of her conditions, Fifi was far too skinny as well. But, finally, rescuers found Fifi and rescued her from her cage. For the first time in 30 years, Fifi had hope again.

Because Fifi was over 30 years old and only knew a life of captivity, rescuers were concerned that she may never be able to recover properly and live a normal life. All those fears were laid to rest, however, in just five short months. Fifi gained all her weight back and her fur coat was finally full and shiny. The sanctuary that housed Fifi had open fields for the bear to run and play in and Fifi was finally free to live her life to the fullest. At age 30, Fifi was even able to hibernate for the very first time. A well deserved time of peace and relaxation.  Watch the video below to see Fifi's full transformation!

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