Beauty And the Crown: Here Are The Top Ten Most Beautiful Royals...Or Are They??

February 09, 2018

Throughout all of history, female Royalty has been equated with grace, dignity, and above all - beauty. There is no doubt that there have been many attractive queens, princesses, duchesses, and countesses to grace the palaces and castles of every monarchal country on Earth. But which ones would you consider to be truly “beautiful?”

It’s difficult to say, isn’t it, because beauty standards have changed through the ages, and beauty can include characteristics well beyond physical appearance.

That is what intrigued me about this story. I wondered which royals, judging by today’s standards, are considered to be the most “beautiful” of all time. I must say, I was surprised by some of the names on the list, as well as some who were excluded.

Of course, everyone has an opinion and, as they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But, for the purposes of this non-scientific article, we present one man’s ranking of the top ten most beautiful Royals of all time.

10. Princess Rania of Jordan

9. Princess Grace of Monaco

8. Maharani Gayatri Devi of India

7. Princess Madeline of Sweden

6. Princess Haya of Dubai

5. Princess Letizia of Spain

4. Princess Ameera of Saudi Arabia

3. Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco

2. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

1. Diana, Princess of Wales

Well?? Did your favorites make the list? Is there anyone you don't think should be here? We're curious about your opinion. We really want to know!

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