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The Vet Said To Put Him Down, But She Wasn't Giving Up Without a Fight

August 07, 2018

When she found him in the street, he was a miserable sight. Twitching and itching from the horrendous skin condition, the little dog brought tears to her eyes. Not even the vet offered any hope.

His recommendation would mean the end for this suffering sweetheart. While putting Benji out of his misery seemed like the logical solution to the neglect the little pup had suffered, the woman had other ideas.

She took him home and gave love a chance to bring him around. Tender care and all the attention she could muster is what made all the difference.

Using her own methods - that included daily baths and application of virgin coconut oil to his damaged skin - she was able to see improvement in a matter of days.

All it took was three months to transform this little street dog into a beloved family pet.

Now Benji's days are filled with long walks, playful antics with his fur brother, and frolicking on the beach.

Thanks to his "mom's" unwavering devotion, Benji is now living the life any dog would envy.

With a house full of loving family and a big wondrous world out there, Benji is sure to have all the love and adventure he could ever want.

To see adorable footage of Benji's journey, watch the video, below.