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Benji Went Catatonic From Fear For Days After Being Rescued, Until One Savior Won Him Over

January 31, 2018

Benji is a beautiful and playful dog who loves nothing more than running along and playing with his friends. He spends his days bounding after his pals and swimming in the pool. Unfortunately, his life wasn’t always as awesome as it is now. In fact, the first years of his life were spent in a continuous state of terror that when his life began to change for the better, he didn’t know how to react.

Benji was running the streets, covered in fleas and ticks, his fur matted into a thick pelt that even blocked some of his eyesight. When Hope For Paws rescuers first laid eyes on him, their hearts broke as he ran from them. They managed to corner him, and slip a lead over his head, ensuring he would not be able to escape and they would be able to get him the help he needed.

Benji began to panic, thrashing around and attacking the leash that prevented his escape. He injured his mouth in the fight, too terrified to realize they were only helping. Eventually, he became so overwhelmed with terror that he completely shut down. They slowly loaded them him up and then they raced him off to the veterinarian’s office.

At the vet’s office, they began the process of shaving him clean, removing all the mats and revealing the hundreds of fleas that covered his body. Benji remained in his almost catatonic state, not fighting as they then bathed him and cleaned him up so that he would be safe. Then, came the long process of bringing him out of his shell.

It took one of the rescuers, Lisa, ten days to help him come out of his catatonic state. He went home with her as her newest foster dog, and with the gentle love of Lisa and her two other dogs, Lola and Frankie, he slowly came out of his shell. With their patience, he slowly learned how to be the kind of dog he was always meant to be.

Even though Benji had to fight through hell to become a beloved family member, he never gave up. He now has the chance for a long and healthy life, full of joy and happiness. We’re sure that from here on out, it’s definitely going to be all rainbows and sunshine.