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Bentley Driver Causes Unspeakable Tragedy At 85 MPH

April 11, 2018

It doesn’t matter what the sticker price of your four-wheeled vehicle says. Rules of the road - and physics - apply equally to all. One wealthy driver found that out the hard way when he ignored warning signs and failed to yield to a retiree at a dangerous junction in the road.

The traffic mishap occurred in a quiet little town in the UK called Amersham. Thanks to a dash cam in the elderly man’s car, we are able to witness just how dangerous distracted driving truly is. Especially when the traffic pattern changes suddenly, as it did on this particular stretch of road.

It’s hard to read the signs, but it is apparently a juncture where two lanes go down to one, with signs warning of that fact. Even though there are no traffic lights evident in the video, signs clearly indicate how vehicles are to proceed.

The gentlemen in the dash-cammed car seems to follow the instructions to the letter. He stops his car and waits for the opposing traffic to move through the juncture. One, two, three cars slowly pass, in quick succession.

Then, in an abundance of caution, he waits for a fourth vehicle that is farther away to approach and pass.

Then, when there are no cars in sight, he carefully proceeds through the bottleneck. Here is where we can finally read the cautionary sign, "Give way to oncoming vehicles."

Just as he has passed the point of no return and is committed to completing his trek through the dangerous section of the street, out of nowhere the other car appears. A luxury Bentley is racing in his direction at breakneck speed.

Startled, he notices the Bentley careening off the retaining wall as he rounds the bend, obviously going far to fast for conditions.

According to reports, the driver of the Bentley was traveling at 85 miles per hour and had no time to stop once he realized his error. By this time, there is nothing the elderly driver can do but brace for the certain collision with the speeding car.

All in a matter of seconds, the Bentley runs head-on into the gentleman who had the right of way. The sound of the impact is sickening and leaves the viewer wondering if anyone could possibly have survived the violent crash.

Remarkably, the police report reveals that although both cars were totaled, neither driver was seriously injured. "A dashcam films while driving through a quiet English town. The driver of the Bentley was speeding at 85 mph. Both cars were written off and drivers were unhurt."

What a lucky break, as it could have turned out far, far worse. PLEASE pay attention when driving; you might not end up so fortunate!

To see the entire unbelievable scene for yourself, watch the video, below.


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