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Dog The Bounty Hunter Makes Devastating Announcement Following His Wife’s Emergency Surgery- Now, He’s Begging For Your Prayers And Hoping For A Miracle

December 12, 2018

Dog the Bounty Hunter is asking for your prayers after his wife, Beth, is recovering from an emergency surgery with the news that her cancer has spread and is officially “incurable.”


Dog and Beth, both known for their hit series on A&E called Dog The Bounty Hunter, are int he midst of facing an uphill battle with lung cancer. Beth, who was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer was recently admitted into emergency surgery after her cancer returned.


Dog shared the update with InTouch Weekly, reporting that “half of her lung was full of water and five ounces of fluid was drained from her lung after she was rushed to a hospital for her surgery.”


After needing emergency surgery, Dog shared with US Weekly that doctors were able to get “most of the throat cancer out.” He also shared that his wife’s “airways were clear, however, the doctors are afraid that the cancer had already spread.” Tragically, their worst fears had been confirmed.


Dog was distraught as he admitted that he’s been crying every day. He added, “I think I'm in a bad dream and I need to wake up. People keep saying to me, ‘Dog, are you OK?’ But I'm not the one who's sick.' But he will stay strong for her: 'I am going to be right here with her.'


Since Beth’s surgery, she’s been encouraged to opt for four to eight sessions of physical therapy. Knowing how detrimental surgery can be, Beth and Dog are hoping to explore other options. However, other options do not look good.


Just after Beth’s surgery, Dog was seen leaving a restaurant in LA, CA where he asked fans to pray for his wife. He confirmed that she was “not doing good.” Our hearts are broken for this couple and their family after learning of Beth’s incurable cancer. Please pray for her, we know prayer can change things! Please pray for healing.

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