Betty Was Kept With 275 Other Dogs In A 3-Bedroom House. Now, She’s Making Up For All The Lost Time By Just Being A Dog

November 08, 2017

Betty Dun White is a gorgeous white-and-tan Maltese and Yorkie mix who lives with her adoring family. She loves to spend her free time checking out new places, and going on long walks where she can see all sorts of fun things! She is one of the sweetest and most playful dogs around, and her family absolutely adores her.

Betty may be living the good life now, but the first three years of her life were spent in her own hell. Betty was born in a hoarder’s house, where she lived wild with 275 other dogs in a three-bedroom house. There was never enough food to go around for all of the dogs, so she was forced to scrounge for food. Betty never saw a veterinarian, or received any care that a dog should!

Since Betty never received the medical care that every animal should, she was never spayed. She lived with so many other dogs that it was inevitable she’d have puppies of her own. It’s unknown how many dogs in that home were Betty’s children, but when she was rescued she was still in milk.

In June of 2016, the hoarders were caught by Animal Control, and they began the long process of getting the dogs into their perfect homes. The first thing they had to do though, was to make sure all of the young puppies were with their mothers. Unfortunately, because of the vast numbers of young puppies and lactating mommas, it was impossible to know which puppies belonged to which mom.

Betty was given a group of puppies to mother, and she took amazing care of them. Betty was a superb mother, and she raised the young pups to become wonderful dogs! When her young family went to their forever homes, Betty was finally able to begin the search for her very own family who would love her and dote on her.

Betty was adopted on August 1, 2016, by her adoring family. After being adopted, she still had to learn how to be a dog! Before being rescued, she had never experienced the feel of cool grass on her paws. She’d never ridden in a car, or even seen one. In fact, she’d never even had food regularly available to her!

It didn’t take her too long after being adopted to become accustomed to how amazing life outside could be! Nowadays, she spends her free time being your normal dog. She loves to go on long hikes where she gets the chance to see all sorts of new sights and smell so many new things! She’s making the most of her life now that she is free to be a pet!

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