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Bewildered Border Collie Can't Understand Why ‘Man’ Won’t Play Fetch With Him. When You Figure Out Why, You’ll Roar With Laughter

April 05, 2018

When Liverpool Resident Adam Shore took his eight-year-old Border Collie, Hurley, for a walk to Crosby Beach one day, he wasn't prepared for the hilarious escapade it turned into.

Shore and his pup were having a great time playing fetch when, instead of bringing the toy back to him, Hurley ran up to another "gentleman" who was standing motionless in the sand.

"This guy looks friendly," the dog must have thought, as he eagerly placed the object at the man's feet, expecting he would know what to do next.

Hurly stepped back a few yards, keeping his eye on the movements of his new playmate - ready to dash off after the projectile once it was tossed.

As he sat there, tail wagging in joyous anticipation, Hurley had no clue that he was going to have to wait a LONG time for this fellow to play his part. You see, the playmate that he had chosen just so happened to be a statue so, unfortunately, his wait would be in vain.

The incredibly lifelike statue is one of 100 sculptures created by world-famous British artist Antony Gormley called "Another Place." These eerie creations line the beach and "stand guard" at the shore, regardless of the level of the tide.

An impressive sight, no doubt, but I think someone forgot to inform Hurley of that fact, thus the frustrating impasse.

We hope that Adam decided to put the dog out of his misery before too long, and take over for his best friend's recalcitrant pal, resuming the game of fetch that was so rudely interrupted by the antisocial stranger.

To see Hurley's hilarious standoff with the forbidding figure, watch the video, below.


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