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Blind Bison Is Too Shy To Let Anyone Love Her. That All Changes When She Meets Oliver, The Tiny Calf

October 16, 2017

We have all heard the hit song "Love Is All You Need" by the Beatles. While it might not be "all you need" as the musicians suggest, it is certain that everyone needs love in their life, even if they do not necessarily welcome it. Helen, for instance, is a blind Bison that doesn't enjoy being around many people, making it nearly impossible for her to find love. The key word here is "nearly."

Helen is far too shy for her own good and will not let anyone near her, except at feeding time when she permits her owner to come close. All other times, Helen prefers to be alone. Helen's owner is concerned that the Bison will never find love or affection. Then, one day, a miracle is born in the form of Oliver, a tiny calf that knows no bounds when it comes to love.

As if by some force beyond her control, Helen lets her walls come down, and Oliver makes his way not only into Helen's pasture but also into her heart. Helen embraces Oliver as if he were her own child, and Oliver's mother doesn't seem to mind in the least. It is as if the mother cow knows that Helen is in need of love and attention. For the first time in her life, Helen knows what it’s like to be loved, unconditionally.

Every single day, at first light, Oliver awakens and runs from the stables directly to Helen's pasture. The two animals are inseparable and spend their days cuddling and grooming each other. She may not be able to see Oliver, but Helen's feels and relishes in the affection that the tiny calf showers on her every day.

As if by some magic, Oliver's color begins to change by the day. Instead of the lighter brown color that his mother bears, Oliver takes on a much darker brown color, which is almost the exact shade of brown in Helen’s coat. The animals' owner thinks that Oliver's change of color is brought on by the close bond he shares with his Bison counterpart.

Helen's life is forever changed by Oliver’s presence and love. These two animal besties show us how important it is to let love flood into our lives. It may not be all we need but, as Oliver and Helen show us, love is a powerful force that we should all seek with all our hearts! Watch the video, below, to see the adorable friendship for yourself.

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