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Blind Puppy Is Taken To Be Euthanized But The Lead Nurse Was Not About To Let That Happen

July 25, 2017

If you were ever fortunate enough to be a puppy parent, you know what a blessing it is to raise a pup from infancy to adulthood. The bond that is formed between puppy and human is something that cannot be replicated. Some people, however, take the privilege of raising a puppy for granted, which was the case with Bea's original owner.

Bea, a five-week old Yorkshire puppy, was born in a puppy mill. When Bea was born, the breeder discovered that she was blind. The breeder, thinking that it would be far too difficult to sell Bea because of her disability, took the pup to a vet to be put down. The lead nurse, however, had other plans for Bea and took her to Bettersea Animal Charity.

Because Bea was so young, she had to be hand reared but was soon thriving and playing with the other dogs. Even though she was blind, Bea was able to "map out a room quickly" according to the workers at the shelter. Bea soon made friends with a Golden Lab named Barney. Thanks to the kind heart of a veterinarian, Bea was given her best shot at life and is happily awaiting her forever home! Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of Bea and Barney's adorable relationship.

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