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Blind, Sickly, And Left To Die, Homeless Pit Bull Thought His Life Was Surely Ending. Junkyard Worker Spotted Him And Knew He Had To Act Quickly

March 01, 2018

In an old junkyard in Los Angeles, California, the employees were going about their daily tasks. One man happened to see something quite out of the ordinary and decided to take a closer look.

There, weakly meandering around, was a frail, frightened, and blind pit bull. The man could see that the dog was older and had suffered a great deal. This broke his heart, and he wanted to do something to help the poor animal.

He found some food and water and coaxed him to partake in the offering. He worried that as soon as his boss found out, he would call pest control on the dog, so he immediately contacted their local animal rescue shelter.

Thankfully, the shelter workers arrived just in the nick of time! They lovingly took the old dog, now named Duncan, back to their shelter where they proceeded to give him a full medical exam. They could see that he was in desperate need of medical attention. Little did they know just how serious his conditions were.

Duncan was completely blind in both eyes; he suffered from severe dehydration, a skin infection, two tumors. The medical staff quickly began to treat every ailment with loving care. Behind all the dirt, grime, and sickness, Duncan was a beautiful, loving, kind-hearted pooch that wanted nothing more than a place he could call home. Check out the beautiful rescue in the video below.


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