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Blind Teen Is Bullied Because Of Her Disability. Then She Inspires Everyone Who Meets Her When She Joins The Cross-Country Team

October 30, 2017

There are times in life that we come up against seemingly-impossible situations. It is only in the face of these trying circumstances that we learn that nothing is impossible if we have the right mindset. If you want proof, look no further than Wendy Flores, a young lady who doesn't let anything stop her - not even the fact that she is blind.

Wendy goes through every day of her life, viewing the world around her as if through a tiny tunnel. Wendy is legally blind, and the tunnel through which she can see the world is only getting smaller and darker as time goes on. When night-time comes, Wendy cannot see at all. Her blindness, however, can't keep the smile off of Wendy's face.

Despite her gentle nature and good heart, Wendy has been teased and bullied through most of her school career. No one really believes in her, but Wendy believes in herself; every time someone makes a joke at her expense, the fire inside her that drives her to succeed gets bigger and brighter. Now, at 17, Wendy has decided that she is going to set some big goals for herself during her senior year of high school.

Wendy's goals include having a positive outlook and ignoring the naysayers in her life. She has also set academic goals of getting the best grades possible and graduating at the end of the year. Wendy's biggest and most "impossible" goal, however, is to join the cross-country team at her high school. Needless to say, this goal catches the attention of every person in the school.

One of the coaches meets with Wendy and has a heart-to-heart with her about the challenges she will face on the team. Wendy is up to the task, so the coach takes it upon herself to train Wendy, personally. Every day the two women make their way onto the track and jog next to each other. The coach holds a cord and Wendy holds the other end. The coach then helps guide Wendy around the track, which gives Wendy confidence in her running abilities.

After a lot of practice, Wendy runs her first cross-country race. She finishes the course to the cheers and applause of her teammates. Wendy doesn't hope to win any of her races; she only hopes to prove wrong all those who say she cannot succeed. Wendy does that and more because the very people who used to make fun of her are now the very people cheering her on as she runs.

Wendy is living-proof that with the proper mindset and the right people around you, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. With every step that she takes, Wendy tramples every negative word that people say. Wendy may not be able to see the world around her, but the world around Wendy can see her and is inspired by the fire inside her!

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