Bliss Was Born A Stray Dog. Now She’s An Award-Winning Star, Thanks To The Love Of Her Huge Adoptive Family

October 27, 2017

Bliss is a gorgeous red-and-white Australian Cattle Dog mix who lives with her doting owners and nine other pups as a part of the Canine Experience. Together, the group travels the United States in their motorhome, performing tricks and amazing stunts in shows. Bliss may be an award-winning trick dog now, but the start of her life was anything but amazing!

As a young puppy, Bliss was found with her mother and siblings, wandering the beaches of Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Thankfully, their young family was able to be rescued. There are thousands of stray dogs in Puerto Rico, living on the streets where they starve to death, are abused by people, and often die horrible deaths after being hit by cars. Even after being rescued, Bliss was still not completely safe, because she had to find a home of her own before they needed to make room in the shelter.

The Canine Experience was looking for a new Frisbee-dog to add to their pack, and since Cattle Dogs are very active and typically enjoy Frisbee, they decided to take her on as their new pup! When Bliss was four months old, she found her forever-home. Bliss turned out to not care about Frisbee at all, and so their plans for her had to change. Although she did not care about Frisbee, they quickly discovered how much she loves food!

Bliss loves all types of food, and even though she loves dog treats, she’ll do anything you ask if you offer her hot dogs or cheese! Bliss does handstands and high jumps, and she’ll even play Frisbee for food. She’s a very beloved pup who loves to play with her owners whenever she can!

The Canine Experience travels all around the United States with their pack of dogs, performing shows for television, films, and advertising. Some of their pack has even been in commercials! These stars definitely know what they’re doing, and how to show off!

Bliss loves to race around and play with her siblings: Sky, Poison Ivy, Ultra Dynamite, Sushi, Yoda, Leia, Ray, Bass, and Jet. The entire pack is made up of rescues - not a single purchase among them! They work hard to show off how amazing shelter pups can be, and remind people that you can also find a great new family member in shelters!

Even though Bliss’s life started full of uncertainty and fear, it’s safe to say the next chapter of her life will never have the same problem. This brave pup has come a long way from being a stray pup to becoming a brilliant star! The rest of her life is sure to be filled with love, play, and joy.

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