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Blu And Luna Are Two Canine Siblings Whose Relationship Is Reminiscent Of Every Brother-Sister Relationship Since The Beginning Of Time

September 13, 2017

The relationship between siblings is a special thing, full of love and yet always willing to prank or fight without much provocation. Apparently, that bond is similar across many species, as two Husky siblings on Instagram have shown the world! The black and white Husky, named Blu, was living peacefully with his mom until they were joined by his new adopted sister, Luna.

Luna and Blu took to each other like a duck takes to water, and Luna has looked up to her older brother from the start. Blu tolerates his younger sister’s antics with gentle patience, putting up with her goofy behavior without getting mad.

Luna loves to roll over on top of her brother while they sleep, which has resulted in some absolutely adorable photos. Blu loves to lick his sister’s cheek when she doesn’t expect it, getting her face all wet. They love to race for the same toy and squabble, like all siblings, but you can still see the love between them. The bond these dogs share reminds me a lot of my relationship with my brothers. What about you?

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