Body Of 10-Month-Old Baby Found Found Near Train Tracks In New Jersey

April 13, 2018

Jersey City, New Jersey, was home to a horrific incident on Wednesday, April 11. During a routine inspection of the tracks at around 1:15 pm, a Port Authority employee discovered a suitcase next to the tracks. When they inspected it, they were horrified to discover that the pink suitcase held the body of a baby.

Police were called and when they arrived, they began to clear the scene. Authorities began to clear the area, forming a human shield against prying eyes while the coroner’s office arrived. A footbridge was nearby, and the police cleared eyewitnesses, including Steven Stuckey.

Steven gave an interview to ABC 7 New York, “We initially was told that someone jumped from the bridge on Tonnelle Avenue but once we found out what it was, all I could do was hold my head down and pray that they bring the people to justice.”

Police are trying to figure out how the suitcase got into that area, as it is completely fenced off. After completing the autopsy, they were able to reveal that the child was of Hispanic or African-American heritage and was an approximately 10-month-old baby girl.

Police are not sure where the child is from, however Jersey City is just a few miles from lower Manhattan, so it is possible the child is from the New York City area.

Police are asking anyone who know how this little girl ended up in a pink suitcase or who saw anything suspicious in the area, to call them immediately. You can contact the Prosecutor’s Homicide Unit at 201-915-1345.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world at a time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!