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Born Blind And Deaf Due To Irresponsible Breeding, Plucky Pink Pup Named Piglet Proves He Has Plenty Of Love To Give

March 06, 2018

Piglet is a little, bitty, double-dapple Dachshund Chihuahua mix who was born without the ability to see or hear. Sad, yes, but what's even more tragic about Piglet's story is that his plight is 100% attributable to the unscrupulous breeding practices used to produce this supposedly desirable hybrid.

A double-dapple is considered highly-desirable and brings a pretty penny in the puppy marketplace. Unfortunately, the hybrid can be achieved only through dangerous inbreeding which tragically results in 25% of all offspring being born blind and/or deaf due to an unfortunate genetic combination.

Piglet, just like many other "un-sellable" offspring of these dangerous matings, was cast off because he did not provide any monetary value to his owner/breeder.

Confiscated from a breeder/hoarder, he weighed only two pounds and was so unhappy he would cry day and night. The foster family who took him in had planned to keep him only long enough to find a permanent home, but Piglet had a different plan.

Worming his way into their hearts through his delightful and precious behaviors, their hearts were forever stolen by this spunky little guy.

Now, Piglet is part of a delightful menagerie of pooches of all types, sizes, and ages. He plays with his fur-siblings just like any other newcomer would do, showing that he doesn't need to see or hear to figure out what is going on.

With a highly-refined sense of smell and touch, Piglet is learning how to get along in his day-to-day existence.

Piglet has brought so much joy to the family and they are grateful that he entered their lives. However, they want to emphasize that not all stories turn out so well. They hope to use Piglet's story to help get the word out about irresponsible breeders and to urge families looking for a fur-ever friend to visit their local shelters to find their next four-legged family members.

You've got to watch the full video to see for yourself just how well Piglet has adapted to his new, loving, happy home.

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