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Mom Notices Son Forgot To Take Off Hat During National Anthem - What She Does Next Has The Internet Ablaze

July 02, 2018

It’s such a simple thing to do, and it’s not really asking a lot of parents to teach their children this little thing that means a great deal to many people in our country. But, in this day and age hats and caps are less a wardrobe accessory than a statement about a person's identity that they are 'entitled' to wear whenever and wherever they please.

At a recent major league baseball game between bitter rivals, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, one young fan made a mistake and, in so doing, he raised the ire of his mom who made no bones about correcting him right away.

The incident has caught the attention of the internet and, as you might expect, people have a lot to say about the mom’s bold move.

If you’ve ever been to a major sporting event in the United States, you have undoubtedly noticed the tradition that opens nearly every match, game, meet, or competition. That is, of course, the singing or playing of the National Anthem.

In a momentary show of pride in our county and a demonstration of respect for those who fought to make us “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” fans stand while the national song is played. In addition, gentlemen are expected to remove their hats as a sign of humility and respect.

So when this patriotic mom's young son apparently ‘forgot’ to remove his hat for the singing of the National Anthem, It did NOT escape this vigilant parent's attention. Without missing a beat or even having to remove the hand that rested over her own heart, she reached across her sons head to grab the 'cheeky cap' by the bill.


And, with no further ado, she slammed it against the boy's hand that, to his credit, WAS on his heart. The look on her face tells the story, however. It’s obvious that this was something she expected her son to do with no prompting from Mom and the fact that he failed to do so was not pleasing to her. Not at all.



Many across the country are applauding this mom’s courageous act. Just as others are criticizing her for the same thing, and minimizing the importance of the traditional show of respect.

Once the anthem was over, and the boy could put his cap back on his head, the game went on. The Yankees won the contest, 11-1. I wonder if the thorough routing the Sox took at the hands of their arch-rivals is the start of a new ‘curse’ that will take them another 86 years to overcome?


Only time will tell, but just in case, you all should think twice before neglecting to doff your cap when the singer starts with the words, “Oh, say can you see . . .