Boy Loses Leg To Cancer. See How The Adoption Of A 3-Legged Pit Bull Heals Both Hearts And Makes The World A Wonderful Place For Both To Live!

August 10, 2017

Life throws us unexpected turns and twists that many of us do not foresee.  Quinn and Logan are two examples of a boy and dog who have both gone through devastating chain of events that no boy or dog should ever go through.  Quinn, a 12-year-old boy, started experiencing pain in both knees at the very young age of 10 years old.  Very soon after he was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.  A very traumatic and life changing event for Quinn. Once the surgery was over he immediately had one request, to adopt a three-legged dog.



Meanwhile, Logan, a three-legged pit bull was in a dog shelter looking for his forever home.  Unfortunately, life for Logan had been a difficult one.  Being hit by a car, losing a leg and now in a shelter alone with no family, times were tough for this sweet pit. Unfortunately, even more time passed and when it seemed all hope was lost and that he would never have a family of his very own, the unthinkable happened.  A boy requested the adoption of a three-legged dog.



Very shortly after these two hearts met in person and it was love at first sight for Logan and Quinn.  Rolling in the grass, short walks, snuggles, and living every day next to your best friend was now on their agenda.  Sad, dark, and gloomy days in a shelter or hospital room was a thing in the past.  Though both had endured many obstacles and trials in their lives, they never gave up on their dreams of finding a best friend.   Through their willingness to love each other, healing took place in both their hearts which resulted in a world that became a beautiful place to live for both survivors.  Watch their story unfold!  

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