Boy's Quick Thinking Saves a Dog's Life. This Story Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

July 27, 2017

While most people know not to leave a dog in a hot car, some people still don’t seem to quite understand the reality of the situation. Luckily for this dog, a 13 year old boy happened to be walking by when things took a drastic turn for the worst.

Bradley North is a 13 year old Hero, after he came to the rescue of a French Mastiff. The Mastiff was alone in the van, when it spotted Bradley and his friends leaving school and grew excited enough to jump through the closed window. As the glass shattered and fell to the ground, Bradley noticed that the Mastiff was unable to put all his paws on the ground.

The Mastiff’s leash had become lodged on something in the car, and Bradley was unable to get it loose. Bradley thought quickly and freed the mastiff by undoing the buckle on his collar. He then waited by the unconscious dog’s side for 15 minutes while he waited for the grateful owner to arrive. The owners thanked Bradley for saving his dog, but he doesn’t view himself as a hero. He says he had merely done what he hopes someone would do for his dog.


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